Engineering and R&D Laboratory

Engineering: Equipped with Catia V5 and Solidworks.
Digital simulation: Forge 2011.

Our engineering department designs all types of metallic parts and assemblies.

When developing a part, we can pre-size it and validate its mechanical strength by applying relevant use constraints.

Using digital simulation, we ensure hot and cold forging operations, elimination of forging-specific defects (shortfills, laps...), range validation before making the tooling and weight optimisation (parts' weight reduction) upstream from production.

We ensure total project confidentiality. All our tooling is developed and manufactured internally.  

R&D Laboratory: 


The purpose of our laboratory consists of foreseeing and developing new manufacturing solutions.



Shaping of metallic materials in semi-solid state.

Process benefits: complex shapes, thin walls, advanced mechanical properties, production cycle reduction.



Welding repairs: Welding repairs and reuse of tooling.

Nitriding: Superficial surface hardening.

Monitoring and supervision: All parts are monitored using mistake-proof devices (poka-yoke). Robot cells are developed to perform visual checks on the parts. Real-time integrated checks and corrections on the production lines.