Groupe Roze Know-How

Its extensive know-how and modern production means make the Groupe Roze an essential player in the industrial field.


4 and 5-axis Dual-Spindle Machines
Robotized Vertical Turning Machines with video monitoring of the parts

Maximum diameter: 150 mm
Okuma Horizontal Turning Machines

CNC Turning Machines 
Conventional Turning Machines 
CNC Machining and HSM (high speed machining)


Conventional Milling Machines
Magnaflux – magnatest: magnetic parts monitoring

Materials: steel, aluminium, stainless steel, titanium

Wire Works



Rolling from M3 to M30
Threading from M6 to M45



Machine stock: 
Videx automatic machines: from M5 to M12 (rolling, bending)
Pee-Wee rolling machine: from M3 to M12 (rolling)
ORT rolling machine: from M12 to M30 (rolling)
Vertical and horizontal 60 to 160 tonnes presses (hot and cold bending)
Hammers 350 Kg to 1000 Kg
Threading/ Turning machines (fast pneumatic turning machine) 
Bending and cambering

S235, carbon steel, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, steel alloy, FE500, class 8.8

Surface Treatment

Heat Treatment (quenching, class 8.8 and 10.9)

Electric Furnaces for quenching and tempering

Shot Blasting of steel parts - maximum length 1199 mm

Dip Coating, 1 coat approximately 40 Microns

Spray Painting 1 to 3 coats for thickness ranging from 40 to 220 Microns

Painting Booths: one for dip coating, one for spray painting


Possibility to sub-contract electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized parts


Tooling | Dies

HSM Machine Fisher spindles

45000 rmps and 36000 rpms

3-axis and 5-axis CNC Machining

DMU 50 5-axis Machining Centre


Mechanical Welding | Metal Sheet Works

Bending Machines:
CNC Bender - 80 Tonnes - 2.5 m
CNC Bender - 50 Tonnes - 2 m

6 welding robots group-wide.
Including one piece of equipment made up of two coupled robots that can either work on different parts or work together on the same part.    

Commercy Welding Robots    
Motoman Robot - 3.4 m x 1.5 m Barrel         


Bending Presses:     
10 Tonnes to 150 Tonnes Mechanical Presses     
Including one equipped for hot bending operations         

Mechanical Benders:          
10 Tonnes to 30 Tonnes Horizontal Benders    
3-Roller Bender - Maximum Diameter 76 mm          

Thicknesses: 12 mm to 80 mm     

Meterials: steel, stainless steel and aluminium


50g to 5kg forged parts

Quotations possible in heavier weight ranges.


4000 kg.m   
2000 kg.m   
1600 kg.m   
1000 kg.m     
Maxi-press 1000 Tonnes           
Robotised snagging        
AMADA CMB 75 high-speed saw for Ø 15 to 75 mm blanks
Heat treatment

Contact us for forged parts in heavier weight ranges

Electric Discharge Machining

400 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm Wire EDM Machine

Laser Cutting


Oxygen Cutting:
1500mm x 3000mm sheets up to 50 mm and 1000mmx2000mm sheets up to 80 mm
Materials: E24, E36-3,16MNCR5, XC48
Cutting bench





Laser cutting:
Laser cutting for sheets  - 2400 W and 4400 W
Maximum format  1500 mm x 3000 mm – Maximum thickness: 20 mm  






Laser cutting for tubes:

Maximum diameter: 120 mm
Square 100 mm maximum
Rectangle 120 mm x 60 mm maximum