ROZE Industrial Group Presentation


For several years, this group of highly qualified industrial companies has been providing companies of all sizes with precision metallic parts.
This group holds the capability to manufacture a wide range of products, from custom-made forged parts to fastening and anchoring systems with advanced skills in mechanically-welded assemblies and laser cutting . We can shape many types of materials such as steel, aluminium, stainless steel and titanium.
Our engineering department specialised in mechanical engineering and digital simulation assists our clients through the development of their projects. With the synergy of the group, our R&D Lab develops the latest manufacturing techniques in partnership with key players in the research field (universities, competitiveness poles...).
This wide range of know-how and modern production means make the Groupe Roze an essential player in the industrial field.




BOURGUIGNON BARRÉ: Bourguignon Barré is a family company that has managed to adapt to new markets by offering its clients ready-to-mount products. Over 80% of the parts forged in the company are delivered machined and/or assembled. Bourguignon Barré specialises in forging and forged parts machining from the most basic to the most complex part.

Our machine stock also includes heat treatment lines fitted with electric furnaces for quenching and tempering. The robotization of the machining, forging, welding and monitoring processes makes the company an essential player in its sector. It is also made up of an engineering department and an R&D Laboratory (100% of the process is carried out internally to ensure projects' consistence and confidentiality). It is equipped with a tooling shop so it can develop all its own forging tools and machining set-ups. They work with steel, aluminium, stainless steel (50% of the production), titanium and other metals upon demand. The company constantly introduces advanced and innovative technologies to meet market requirements.
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BARROIS BADRÉ: Since 1882, the Barrois Badré company has been producing special hot form pressed fastenings and bolting, derived mechanical parts and standardised fastenings of all strength ranges. The company specialises in forging, vertical forging and stamping. It also manufactures its own tooling to guaranty the quality of the parts it produces while controlling costs and lead time (for bolting, fastenings and nails). They hold significant steel stocks offering an extensive range of diameters and grades (carbon, alloys and stainless steel) to supply production. Proud of its long experience, Barrois Badré assists you to engineer and manufacture your parts on top of offering a wide range of existing tooling.

BROUET LEONARD: Brouet Leonard is a company specialised in mechanical welding (welding and brazing for steels and metals) and machining. Founded in 1958, it manufactures material handling wheels and mechanically-welded assemblies. It is equipped with an oxygen-cutting machine, a shot-blasting machine, CNC turning and milling machines as well as a top-of-the-range paint shop.

GASTON ROZE: Started in 1921, the ROZE company specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of lifting and handling equipment. They design and manufacture all types of U-bolts, mounting brackets and anchoring devices. The company includes and engineering department and testing facilities. It also specialises in mounted sub-assemblies to supply its clients with complete kits. They work with steel and stainless steel. As for the sales side, a significant part of the group's sales force is based in GASTON ROZE.
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LÉON JEAN BADRÉ: Created in 1995, the Léon and Jean Badré company is a family business specialised in metal cutting, forming and welding works. It is equipped with precision laser cutting machines. They can manufacture parts of all sizes, ranging from the smallest to the largest ones.
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All the companies making up the Groupe Roze join forces to offer complete assemblies.